I want to open the firmware settings. I have a Mac book Pro end 2011 and yosemite.

When i press Option+Cmd+O+F while booting nothing happens, it continues to boot.

What do i have to do?


i want to install ubuntu but i get black screen. Here is writen that you have to change something in the settings.


In section "3. Black screen" it is written:

The picture above actually only confirms DVD/USB booted using UEFI and there will be some means in firmware settings to ensure drives are booted in order to make UEFI installer run - the solution to which may possibly be as simple as ensuring SATA set to AHCI - check your vendors manual to check this. Also check UEFI Community Documentation Section 2.3 for more details.

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Open Firmware's life in the Apple universe ended with the last PPC-Mac. Intel-Mac (as your MacBook Pro end 2011) use EFI.

Choose rEFIt (no longer maintained) or better rEFInd instead.

Please check this question and the answers at askubuntu.

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