I'm curious if it would still be possible to develop for the iPhone with a non Mac laptop. Assume I buy some sort of "Mac in the cloud" solution (they exist), can I download apps I'm developing onto my iOS devices from Xcode on this "remote Mac" via my iCloud/developer account or do I need physical access to a Mac (usb cable) to do that?

This answer seems to indicate that it's not possible to load apps onto local devices from a remote Mac, but he's not sure.

EDIT: Actually, it seems to be possible to debug too, see my answer below.


Yes, if you have a paid developer account you can create signed IPAs which can be installed on the device remotely, or you can use TestFlight. If you don't have a paid developer account but your device is jailbroken you can install unsigned IPAs. Note that this doesn't include debugging which can't be done remotely.


Actually, it seems like this software lets you share a usb connection with an ios device between a local mac or non-mac pc and a mac you keep at home or a "mac in the cloud". Add a remote login to this combination and it seems like you can develop for ios without having a physical mac with you.

"With USB Network Gate you can connect your iPhone via USB to your Windows/Mac workstation and share this USB connection with other computers."

Other computer like some mac in the cloud.


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