I just upgraded from an iMac with 10.6 to a newer iMac with 10.9. When I use the Mail 7.3 program and go to print and email, it prints all previous emails from the same sender as well. I don't want all the other emails printed, just the current one. Is there a way to disable the other emails from printing, or to disable the grouping of emails? Thank you...

  • Are all emails a part of same email?
    – Ruskes
    Dec 3, 2014 at 17:22

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I assume you are talking about same email with multiple messages (emails) in it.

In order to print specific email embedded in that email chain:

Select the single message window: It will have a highlighted border.

The other emails will be separated with page separator.

It looks like this (sorry I had to black out my personal info), but you can see 3 emails in this chain and only the top one is selected for printing.

multiple emails

In top Right (circled) of that window you will find the Print Icon, that will print the selected message only.

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