I worked at a company that used GOOD For Enterprise. I installed it on my iPhone 5s and now that I've left the company, would like to remove the profile. I've deleted the GOOD application, but I cannot remove the profile. There is no red "Remove" button like all of the tutorials show. I just did a full wipe and restored the phone with my iCloud profile and sure enough, it's still my one and only configuration profile on my phone. How do I get this off of here? Here are some images...

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I believe you will have to wipe your phone and not restore from backup. Some configuration profiles allow the creator to prevent removal of the profile.

Apple's configuration reference lists the following key the creator of the profile probably used:

PayloadRemovalDisallowed - Optional. Supervised only. If present and set to true, the user cannot delete the profile (unless the profile has a removal password and the user provides it).

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