Before Xcode 6 one could go to the Xcode Organizer window. Tap on the Devices tab. Select the connected device and click the "Use for Development" button. See here.

However with Xcode 6 there are no longer a "Use for Development" button. So how does one enable it?


My Devices window looks like this.

enter image description here


The devices tab is now a new screen. Use for Development no longer exists.

The option in Window → Devices or 2.

From that window you could enable devices for development by adding your provisioning profiles. Right click on device and select Show Provisioning Profiles.... It will appear a window where you can add your profiles.

After that you will be able to install your apps in that device.

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  • Aha. Thats it. Thank you for answer + updated answer. – neoneye Dec 3 '14 at 10:28

We just need to run our application on the connected device using xcode.

I got it on on my iPhone 6 with iOS 9.2 version by running a demo application from Xcode 7.2.

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Thanks works with iOS 9.3.2 using Xcode 7.3.1. Just install a demo app using Xcode and the developer menu in the settings app will appear. Then you can just delete the demo app.

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