I am just getting set up with my first mac. The current annoyance is that I am downloading xcode from AppStore (2.5 GB!!), and every app in the Launchpad is hidden - there is just the downloading progress of xcode.

Do I really have to wait an hour while the download finishes, until I can launch anything not already in the dock?? I cant believe that!

(OSX Yosemite)

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    I found out what was happening. The launcher page was full, so it just took a new page to show the downloading app. I only realised this after the download completed, as I thought the download had put launcher into a locked state.
    – pwray
    Dec 3 '14 at 1:00

If Launchpad will not run for any reason, you can access many of your Applications via the Finder. In the Finder, press CommandShiftA, or go to the Go menu and select Applications.


You can open Finder and go to your Applications folder to access all your apps.


Or you can use Spotlight to find an app and launch it.

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