I'm trying to use tell application "Google Chrome" in order to script the OS X Chrome app, but this keeps being interpreted as referring to a virtual application with the same name which refers to the windows "Google Chrome" inside a parallels desktop virtual machine. (Parallels Desktop automatically creates dummy OS X applications corresponding to all of the windows programs, so that they can appear running in the OS X dock etc.)

How could I differentiate between applications of the same name in such tell statements, based on the application path or some other attribute?


You can use direct path to the application inside Your Apple Script. This will looke like:

set p to "/Applications/Safari.app"
tell application p to activate

Here's the link about AppleScript and POSIX paths

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When you type tell application "whatever" and you click compile, if whatever does not exists, it will appear a window that let you choose the application. Try this way.

enter image description here

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