I have 15 inch macbook pro and the keyboard recently stopped working completely. None of the keys work. I got a wireless apple keyboard, to fix the problem. The issue is that I need to login in order to set up the external keyboard, and since the keyboard is broken, I obviously can't login. My trackpad still works though.

Is there a way to login if nothing on my internal keyboard works. Please note, the answer can't be some sort of reset for which I need to push any keys - I have tried these, and they don't work, because the keyboard doesn't work.


  • Wireless keyboard needs Bluetooth working. Bluetooth is not active until log in is completed. Solution would be to use SUB keyboard, since system does scan for USB device during boot.
    – Ruskes
    Nov 30 '14 at 21:08

You can't setup Bluetooth devices without logging in, USB keyboard is the only way to go. Bring you Macbook to school or work and use one of their keyboards for a minute to logon and pair the Bluetooth keyboard.

  • well that won't work now...
    – Michael
    Apr 21 '20 at 16:03

You could login as a guest user, if you've enabled that option. No password necessary!

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