Running FaceTime 3.0 on MacOSX 10.10.1, there's an annoying behavior that I can't seem to change:

When I first get an incoming call, the FaceTime window jumps to the far right of my rightmost display (an external 30" Cinema display), and can't be repositioned until the call is fully connected (at which point I need to move it more than a yard to the left to center it with the camera in the MacBook Pro).

Why can't the window just stay where I put it?


Similar problem with FT audio. It goes to the upper right too and ends up covering my apps. Easy to move yes, but then it's not on top anymore and I have to dig around for it to end the call.

I poached this AppleScript and tied it to an Alfred Workflow

tell application "System Events" to tell process "FaceTime"
tell application "FaceTime" to activate
tell front window to set position to {950, 696}
end tell

You could make your own trigger with normal script. Not great, but a quick workaround.

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