For some reason looking for an macport package what containing an specific file, in this case looking for the file:

sapi/embed/php_embed.h (probably should be somewhere in the `/opt/local/include/...`)

and some php package should contains it.

I have installed the php55 macport but it doesn't contains the above file.

Unfortunately the port contents portname show only the content of already installed packages.

Is possible to show (or find somewhere) what files containing some macport packages without installing them - e.g. how to find what package i need to install to get the sapi/embed/php_embed.h file?


Answer from Stackoverflow:

Unfortunately MacPorts currently (2.3.1) only supports that if you have the port installed, i.e. if you want to find out which port installed a file on your system. In this case, you can use port provides .

The answer also suggests to use a Linux distribution (e.g. Debian) to search for the file and choose a similar Macports port with the found Debian package name:

Here is a search engine for Debian: search package content

Result for ".../sapi/embed/php_embed.h":

File                                        Packages
/usr/include/php5/sapi/embed/php_embed.h    php5-dev
  • Accepting this, unfortunately macports hasn't php-dev and searching an particular file is painful. Macports is great, but terribly sucks sometimes... ;( – jm666 Nov 29 '14 at 15:57

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