I have 7GB free. If I give that to someone to record, what sort of ballpark figure would I get for a HD video recording? There may be about 10 individual videos being recorded over a couple of hours, if that makes a difference. Maybe just one hour long one.

I just want to know a rough figure but ideally with some maths so I can work it out myself.


The iPhone 4S takes video at 1080p and 30 fps and initial tests are showing that video takes 200MB per minute. At roughly 12 GB per hour, what seemed staggering a year ago is now quite quaint with the iPhone 4 recording at less than 5 GB / hour.

MacWorld reports that an hour of iPhone 4 video is 4.8 gig.

The iPhone records its 720p HD video at around 10 megabits (Mbps) per second. That translates to about 80MB per minute, as we noted above, or a staggering 4.8GB per hour. (Hope you sprung for the 32GB model!)

  • No, I didn't get that version but I have way enough space to capture what I need - thanks! 4.8GB! Wow! Apple didn't mess about there! – Neil Trodden Jun 14 '11 at 12:36
  • That "hope you sprung" was from the article. I'm perfectly happy with my 14 GB iPhone 4. – bmike Jun 14 '11 at 17:00

I just made a 15.5 minute test video with my iPhone 5S. File size is 1.31 GB, or 85 MB/minute. 7 GB of storage would handle 82 minutes of video.

Of course the complexity of the video and audio should have an effect on the compression, so this is just a rough guideline.


It's impossible to estimate without looking at the footage first, or at least having a description of what will be shot (a crowd of people running around at Grand Central or 2 people sitting on a bench), the lighting conditions (night, with no lights, or day), the way it will be shot (on a locked tripod or over the shoulder, panning left and right like a maniac), etc...


1gb from a

  • Webacm-30 mins
  • iPhone 5s-55 mins
  • iphone 5-45 mins
  • iphone 4s-30 mins
  • iphone 4-27 mins
  • iphone 3gs-23.5 mins
  • iphone 3g-17 mins
  • iphone 2-6 mins
  • iphone 1-3 mins
  • camera-1.25 hour
  • film cam-3 hours

It is scientifically proven that 1gb will take a 58 minute video for an iPhone 6.

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    This answer makes no sense as written. Did you mean to say a 58 minute video will take 1GB of space? Now, where is this "scientifically proven"? If this is the case, you should provide links. Also, what resolution? I would bet a lower resolution would take less space than a higher one, wouldn't it? – Allan Jun 11 '16 at 21:26

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