I have 7GB free. If I give that to someone to record, what sort of ballpark figure would I get for a HD video recording? There may be about 10 individual videos being recorded over a couple of hours, if that makes a difference. Maybe just one hour long one.

I just want to know a rough figure but ideally with some maths so I can work it out myself.


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The iPhone 4S takes video at 1080p and 30 fps and initial tests are showing that video takes 200MB per minute. At roughly 12 GB per hour, what seemed staggering a year ago is now quite quaint with the iPhone 4 recording at less than 5 GB / hour.

MacWorld reports that an hour of iPhone 4 video is 4.8 gig.

The iPhone records its 720p HD video at around 10 megabits (Mbps) per second. That translates to about 80MB per minute, as we noted above, or a staggering 4.8GB per hour. (Hope you sprung for the 32GB model!)

  • No, I didn't get that version but I have way enough space to capture what I need - thanks! 4.8GB! Wow! Apple didn't mess about there! Jun 14, 2011 at 12:36
  • That "hope you sprung" was from the article. I'm perfectly happy with my 14 GB iPhone 4.
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I just made a 15.5 minute test video with my iPhone 5S. File size is 1.31 GB, or 85 MB/minute. 7 GB of storage would handle 82 minutes of video.

Of course the complexity of the video and audio should have an effect on the compression, so this is just a rough guideline.


It's impossible to estimate without looking at the footage first, or at least having a description of what will be shot (a crowd of people running around at Grand Central or 2 people sitting on a bench), the lighting conditions (night, with no lights, or day), the way it will be shot (on a locked tripod or over the shoulder, panning left and right like a maniac), etc...


1gb from a

  • Webacm-30 mins
  • iPhone 5s-55 mins
  • iphone 5-45 mins
  • iphone 4s-30 mins
  • iphone 4-27 mins
  • iphone 3gs-23.5 mins
  • iphone 3g-17 mins
  • iphone 2-6 mins
  • iphone 1-3 mins
  • camera-1.25 hour
  • film cam-3 hours

It is scientifically proven that 1gb will take a 58 minute video for an iPhone 6.

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    This answer makes no sense as written. Did you mean to say a 58 minute video will take 1GB of space? Now, where is this "scientifically proven"? If this is the case, you should provide links. Also, what resolution? I would bet a lower resolution would take less space than a higher one, wouldn't it?
    – Allan
    Jun 11, 2016 at 21:26

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