I have a late 2013 MBP, OSX v10.10. I have a drive mounted via ssh tunnelling. The basic command looks like:

alias mountCS='ssh -f useru@host1 -L port:host2 -N ; sshfs -p port user@localhost:remoteDir /Users/User/mnt/CS'

While ssh'ed in to the same remote host I created a pdf from latex. When I try open to take a peek from mounted dir I get the error "“results.pdf” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should eject the disk.". However, this happens with R pdfs too. If I simply copy it to a local directory it opens fine though. Odd right? When I first set this sshfs mount up, it didn't do this.

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When this happens to me, I delete the ._results.pdf file, and then I can open it from the mounted directory.

  • Yes that's what I've been doing. Just seems like an imperfect solution
    – cianius
    Aug 24, 2015 at 8:04

This is related to Files wrongly considered as damaged in encfs volume and probably this bug: https://github.com/osxfuse/osxfuse/issues/162 - so upgrading to a newer version of sshfs should work, but I've found that it works if you start sshfs with -o allow_root, so

sshfs -o allow_root hostname:path mountpoint

Hope that helps!

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