Within my work I regularly open files with Pages, Numbers, Keynote… and even if I typed anything within these files I want to be absolutely sure I didn't modify them in any way. Moreover I want to be absolutely sure I didn't touch their modification time since I didn't modify them in any way.

Prior to Lion, this basic function was naturally achieved by using the Application > Quit function and answering Don't save to the window warning us of modifications made and not yet saved. This exit without save function didn't modify the file and didn't modify its modification time. This is an expected behaviour!

Since the change introduced with Lion, I have just recently discovered that I have some files which I scrupulously never modified which dates of modification have been changed without any warning. I suspect these unwanted and unnounced modifications are coming from the auto-save function introduced with Lion. (The culprit is under heavy hunt.)

How may I get rid of this nasty hidden function?

This other question deals with the auto-save function and the possibility to control it:
How to completely disable auto-save and versions in Mac OS X Lion?

But I have now a more serious problem (on Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks). Any find or other sort of audit of the file system is corrupted. How may I recover the original modification dates of all these files which were modified surreptitiously?

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