Is there any command to control the intensity of keyboard light of a MacBook Pro?


I haven't found a great solution yet. Here is some information that can help:

  • Apparently there is a solution for Ubuntu on MacBooks.

  • Lab Tick runs on OS X but unfortunately not command-line (nor open source).

  • brightness is free software to control the display brightness.

This turns off automatic backlight in low light:

defaults write com.apple.BezelServices kDim -bool false

This turns off keyboard illumination when computer is not used for 1 second:

defaults write com.apple.BezelServices kDimTime -int 1

But ideally I would just turn off the illumination under all circumstances. And I haven't found a CLI solution for that - yet.


Have you tried the f5 key? That changes my keyboard light.

  • This does not remotely answer the question. He asked for a solution from the command line not from the keyboard function key. – Jash Jacob Nov 25 '14 at 0:42

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