I have OS X10.8.5 (fully patched). I'm using Office for Mac 2011 (fully patched).

Earlier in the week, I was working on a PowerPoint presentation. During the earlier work, I had a second monitor plugged in, and the presentation was displayed on it. Now I'm working at home with no second monitor. I checked under Settings → Monitors, and its clearly not present or detected.

PowerPoint starts, but it does not show the presentation's window. When I right click the PowerPoint icon on the task bar and select Show All Windows, the presentation's window is flung in from the second monitor. When I click on the presentation's window, it whizzes back to the second monitor that's not present.

How do I move the presentation window to the primary display that's present?

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There are a couple of approaches. The first works across all applications. The second is specific to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Gather Windows

Launch System Preferences > Displays and use the Gather Windows button:

enter image description here

Arrange All

Use the Arrange All or Cascade menu items to have Microsoft PowerPoint reveal and reposition the hidden window:

  • Window (menu) > Cascade

enter image description here

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