It's been a while since I used Pages, but the last time I used it, I dragged and dropped a photo into a blank document and there were options to add nice borders to the photo.

Specifically, I added an effect which made the photo look like it was peeling off the page on the left and right side, and there was a shadow underneath each corner giving it a 3d appearance.

I can't for the life of me find that feature in Pages (using Page '09).


I'm not sure it's the same effect you're looking for, but to apply different borders in Pages I followed these steps:

  1. Place the picture where you want it in your document
  2. Open the Inspector by holding CMD+I
  3. Go to the Graphic tab: enter image description here
  4. Go to the Stroke menu and choose Picture Frame from the drop-down menu. enter image description here
  5. Now you can choose a picture frame and alter its appearance by using the Scale slider.

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