I'm developing an app for iOS and since it's not going to be published by my company it looks like I have to get my own developer license.

I can live with that, but there's a part of the app that I'm stuck on that I need to get a third-party to help me work through. Some of the libraries I use for the project have problems with the simulator, so what I need to know is:

Am I stuck having to buy two iOS developer licenses (one for the third-party programmer, one for myself)?

One possibility would be for me to keep testing this person's code and send them the output, but I can't think of an obvious way to automate that and it just seems suboptimal. Any other suggestions (short of starting my own company)?

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You can add a member to Your developer program if You enroll as company. You won't have to buy another account.

Here's the info from Apple (You need to have developer account in order to enter this link).

If you are enrolled in the iOS Developer Program as a company and hold either the Agent or Admin role, you can invite co-workers to join your development team by visiting the People tab in Member Center.

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