Are they possible?

According to this it is possible starting from Mac osx 10.9. Ctrl + F for "New support for Abstract namespace sockets" on that page. But I was not able to find one single example for Mac.

Also in Linux the sockets created in the abstract name space you can see them in /proc/net/unix (cat -v /proc/net/unix). The mac does not have /proc/...

Where can I expect to find them? Does it have something similar to Linux?



The developer documentation linked is for perl, not Mac OS X. The documentation states that perl v5.11.0 is capable of supporting abstract socket namespaces.

The undocumented assumption is that the underlying operating system also provides this support.

I am not aware of any Apple documentation saying Mac OS X supports abstract namespace sockets.

  • Mac OS X 10.9 included perl as a component. I presume these manual pages are installed in the appropriate system man file location and were then picked up by Apple's man page to web page tools. – Graham Miln Nov 21 '14 at 12:55

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