I clean installed Yosemite on my macbook air. Everything went ok with the install, and when I restart, there is a second user named [Update Needed] . The password for this user is the same password I set for the hard drive encryption. I have tried restarting and this user is still there.

I have logged in with this user and installed all the updates, still no luck.

  • Log in into the Mac as administrator.
  • Backup the Mac with Time Machine (optional but recommended)
  • Launch System Preferences selecting System Preferences from the Apple menu.
  • Click the Security & Privacy preference pane.
  • Click the FileVault tab.
  • Unlock the pane clicking on the padlock (administrator password required)
  • Disable FileVault and wait (…about 3hrs with a 250GB no SSD HD)
  • Restart the Mac (optional but recommended)
  • Go back the FileVault tab.
  • Enable FileVault and wait (…about 7hrs for me!!!)
  • Restart the Mac.
    The unknown user account will disappear.
    This should also now allow you to set automatic login.

Sources: FileVault and update needed at the login screen: How to solve
Fresh install of Yosemite adds [Update Needed] user
Login screen shows "update needed" but no updates are available

  • I think ill just keep that user, it doesn't bother me that much.... Apr 27 '15 at 4:24

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