I have a lovely USB webcam, namely the QuickCam® Orbit AF. It's the type of webcam one often sees at Customs checkpoints at airports around the world. It also looks a bit like HAL.


The problem is that it's only fully supported under Windows. I'm after a third-party solution because:

Your Logitech camera must be UVC (Universal Video Class) compliant in order to be used on your Mac OS 10.4.9 and above computer. These standard UVC drivers are provided by the Operating System and will only provide minimal camera support.


NOTE: With the exception of the QuickCam Vision Pro for Mac and the HD Pro Webcam C910, all other UVC cameras are not officially supported on the Mac and some features or application support may not work.

I wonder if someone can point towards a third-party driver that'll make this thing run like it does on Windows?

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First thing I'd try would be Macam. Your camera is listed as 'it depends (UVC)' on the supported list, which suggests it's getting most of its functionality from the built-in UVC driver anyway. But it's free, so you've nothing to lose by trying it...

EDIT: Scratch that. The details page for your camera says it doesn't yet work with Macam at all, only with the built-in UVC driver.

  • Hey, thanks for trying anyway Calum. I appreciate it.
    – boehj
    Jun 10, 2011 at 13:05

Somebody finally made a little app that supports the pan and tilt movement for the Logitech quickcam orbit sphere AF for OS X

Zoom is not (yet) supported


Costs you €10

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