Does anyone know here how to move files using just shortcut keys in Forklift for Mac? I just don't like to click File > Move to, to move files/folders from one tab to another. I think there's a short cut key or I think I can set a shortcut key, but I just don't know how to do it in Forklift. It's not even in their FAQs and I cannot find any post online regarding Forklift shortcut keys.

I just want to select files and copy/move from one tab to another fast, without pointing my mouse to the move to link under File in the top menu.

I hope somebody here is familiar with Forklift and would share some tips of how to move files fast from one tab to another. :D

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You can set a keyboard shortcut for the Move To command in the Forklift preferences. I tested using Command-Shift-M, which is unused in the default Forklift shortcuts. With that configured, any files/folders selected in the active browsing pane will be moved to the location in the other browsing pane.


You can use

  • Tab to switch between left and right pane
  • Cursor keys to move up and down within a pane
  • Cmd-C/Cmd-V to copy/paste files and folders
  • Thanks but it didn't move any files. It just copied it from one pane to another. Haha :D
    – jehzlau
    Nov 20, 2014 at 19:21

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