I could have sworn that Google Hangouts used to provide a settings panel for testing and adjusting audio settings. I know I've used it in the past: it was a facility that showed volume levels, let you play a test sound, etc. Now I cannot find it anywhere. After starting a video Hangout in the latest Safari or Chrome on OSX 10.9.5, clicking on the gear icon in the top portion of the screen brings up a dialog that has only the following options:

enter image description here

The only feature now is "Play test sound"; none of the submenus, or elsewhere in Hangouts as far as I can see, is there any ability to adjust volume, test that the microphone is working properly, etc.

I feel I'm either a complete idiot now or dreamt the whole thing. What am I missing? How do I adjust sound settings for Google Hangouts? I really believe there used to be a more extensive preferences/settings panel than the one (the only one) I can find now.


AFIK it is only possible

(Hangouts On Air only) Audio setting:

Whether you’re performing your favorite song in a Hangout On Air or just talking with a few friends, you can optimize the audio by going to your settings and choosing the sound setting that works best for you.

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