I wanted to know, how compatible is FCP7 with Yosemite? FCP7 is the mainstay of my business and wanted to know if I should upgrade.



Final Cut Pro 7 does work on OS X Yosemite.

Check out ProVideoCoalition's post that detailing the installation of FCP7 on OS X 10.10; Installing and editing with Final Cut Pro 7 on a new Macbook Pro with Yosemite

Overall the edit went very well. Not a crash, not a peep from Final Cut Pro 7.0.3.

Oh, and that was running Yosemite version 10.10 so we know Final Cut Pro Classic is still working on Appleā€™s latest operating system.

Multiple users on Apple Support Communities have said the same;


Does anyone know if Final Cut Pro 7 work in the new Yosemite upgrade?

Mer the Dog

It does on my system...

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RoaringApps might be the place to look.

This is the FCP7 page - http://roaringapps.com/app/final-cut-pro-7

Not enough reports to be truly certain as yet, I'd say.

I'd wait for at least 10.10.1 before moving mission-critical machines to it. I'm in pro-audio & I'm letting others iron out all the bugs before I make the leap.

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