I love my MacBook but I'm not a huge fan of Mail. Can I make GMail in Chrome the default email application for Yosemite so that when I click on email links I am sent to a new draft there?

I've done this before on other systems.


To Set default protocol handler in your chrome browser, visit any web app or website which support protocol handlers (For ex: Gmail for mailto:, Google Calendar for webcal: ) and you’ll see Protocol handler icon <<>> on right side of your address bar, click that icon to set default handler.


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Sort of...

If you mean "when I click on a "mailto:" link on a web page, can it go to my Gmail tab in Chrome instead of Apple's Mail.app." the answer is yes.

In Chrome go to Setting -> Advanced ->content Settings. Scroll down to handlers -> manage handlers and select Gmail from the mailto link.

A more complete tutorial for Chrome, Firefox and IE can be found here.

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I tried doing this, but ran into an issue where my "Manage Handlers" window was blank and I could not add anything to it.

Here is the javascript solution that works even if your Handlers window does not. I figured I would post this here, in case anyone else finds this post and has this problem.

  • Make sure you are logged in to Gmail and the active window is your main Gmail page (or nothing will happen).
  • Copy/paste this into the address bar: javascript:navigator.registerProtocolHandler("mailto","https://mail.google.com/mail/?extsrc=mailto&url=%s","Gmail")
  • Add the javascript: to the front again if needed, because when you pasted it, Chrome probably trimmed everything before and including the colon. Then hit enter.
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