Trying to change the default screenshot directory to a specific folder in my google drive, but when I try the following command

defaults write com.apple.screencapture location ‘~/Users/tommy\Google Drive\Sync\iMac\iMac Screenshots’

I get this error

2014-11-10 21:49:43.644 defaults[2184:76708] Unexpected argument DriveSynciMaciMac; leaving defaults unchanged.

and I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

enter image description here

  • I think it's trying to tell you that you can't use the Google Drive folder for that. Does it work outside of the folder? If so, will making a script to copy it elsewhere work?
    – Spotlight
    Nov 11 '14 at 3:29
  • No I know it's a syntax issue, I just don't know how to fix it.
    – Tom
    Nov 11 '14 at 3:44

In addition the quotes and slashes, it looks like you are trying to give an absolute path, so remove the tilde:

defaults write com.apple.screencapture location '/Users/tommy/Google Drive/Sync/iMac/iMac Screenshots/'

Don't forget to run killall SystemUIServer or logout afterwards


There are backs lashes (\) in your path that should probably be forward slashes (/). You also use curly quotes ( and ), which are weird at best. Try using straight quotes ('), although in that case straight double quotes (") should do as well:

defaults write com.apple.screencapture location '/Users/tommy/Google Drive/Sync/iMac/iMac Screenshots'

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