When I check logs (Apache, Ruby on Rails) it appears that my development Mac Mini Server is being scanned. I would like to install mod_security. I'm currently running the latest version of Mavericks but plan to install Yosemite within couple of days. I use Apache 2.2.26.

Where are the Apache modules located on the Mac Mini Server in Mavericks and Yosemite?

If there is a better way to protect my service, such as turning on the Firewall in System Preferences, I'm open to that. I just don't know enough about how to set that up where I can do what I normally do and add my websites to it.

  • Check /private/etc/apache2 for a mods-available folder. Enabled modules are symlinked to the mods-enabled folder in the apache2 directory.
    – douggro
    Nov 6, 2014 at 15:59
  • I just checked. The only folders in /private/etc/apache2 are extra, original, other and users. None of them have a mods-available folder. I also did a search but did not find mods-available. Can I create a folder named mods-available and proceed? Nov 6, 2014 at 16:03
  • On OS X they don't make a "mods-available" and "mods-enabled" folder by default. They just have a much more basic directory layout. When I first set up a Linux server and saw "sites-available" etc., I was like, WTH is all this?! But yeah it's just a different set of defaults. I kinda wish Apple would standardize the setup of alot of this to be the same as Linux just so thisnkind of confusion might be avoided :D
    – CommaToast
    Nov 6, 2014 at 16:45
  • @LightBeCorp I would not try adding the folders. In pre-Lion versions of Server, enabling mods was done in Server Admin. I have no idea of where they've moved it to, or if it's accessible at all now.
    – douggro
    Nov 6, 2014 at 18:53
  • help.apple.com/advancedserveradmin/mac/4.0/#/… may be a little help.
    – douggro
    Nov 6, 2014 at 18:59

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The default location is:


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