In the AlbumData.xml for some images in the Master Image List exists OriginalPath and ImagePath like:

        ... some lines deleted ...
        <string>/Volumes/tssd/Users/jm/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Previews/2014/11/01/20141101-134854/EJw9YL%KSnG7rLMxx5KEOA/P1020607.jpg</string>
        ... some lines deleted ...
        <string>/Volumes/tssd/Users/jm/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Masters/2014/11/01/20141101-134854/P1020607.JPG</string>
        <string>/Volumes/tssd/Users/jm/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Thumbnails/2014/11/01/20141101-134854/EJw9YL%KSnG7rLMxx5KEOA/P102060
        ... some lines deleted ...

For some images, the OriginalPath entry is missing and exists only the ImagePath, like:

<string>/Volumes/tssd/Users/jm/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Masters/2014/11/01/20141101-134854/P1020610.JPG</string>

Can somebody explain

  • what is the difference between OriginalPath and ImagePath
  • why some images has both entry and why some only the ImagePath?
  • Because i'm not an very active user of this site, I doesn't care much about the reputation changes - but would be nice to know, what is wrong this this question - e.g. would be nice to know the reason of the down vote - and how i could improve the question. ;) – jm666 Feb 27 '15 at 15:04

Just figured out,

  • if the OriginalPath entry doesn't exists, the ImagePath contains the path to the imported image.
  • if the OriginalPath entry exists, it points to the imported (original) image, and the ImagePath points to the modified image (e.g. rotated, or enhanced and such).
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