After my upgrade to Yosemite, I am seeing a couple of extra shared computers in my finder sidebar.

There are two additional computers that seem to be copies, based on their naming, having (#) appended to the computer name.

After checking all computers on my network, I can see that this issue is not only on one machine, they all show the same list. Additionally, I can verify the duplicates do not exist as I cannot connect to them.

I have tried the following:

  • Renaming my machines
  • Disabling / Re-enabling sharing
  • Restarting All Machines / Performing all necessary updates
  • Clearing recent servers from each computer
  • Restarting Airport Extreme
  • Relaunching Finder on each machine

Here is a screenshot displaying what I see in my Finder window:

enter image description here

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UPDATE: Updating to 10.10.4 fixes this problem. In this point release discoveryd is replaced by the previously ousted mDNSResponder.

The originally supplied answer follows...

This is caused by an interaction with a daemon called discoveryd (that is present in Yosemite OS X 10.10.0 to 10.10.3) and the sleep proxies that are present within Apple TVs and Airports.

I outlined a workaround here; which is basically disabling "Wake for Network Access".

9to5Mac reports that discoveryd has been dropped in OS X 10.10.4 beta and replaced with the previously ousted mDNSResponder daemon. So this problem should be fixed in OS X 10.10.4.

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