I know that it's possible to record the screen on Yosemite and take screenshots that have 9:41 am. Is this same functionality possible with the Simulator?


There are 2 ways to do this:

1. Clone, build and run SimulatorStatusMagic in your simulator.

This will only work for your simulator.


cd ~/Desktop
git clone git@github.com:shinydevelopment/SimulatorStatusMagic.git
cd ~/Desktop/SimulatorStatusMagic
open SimulatorStatusMagic.xcodeproj/
# Build the "Framework" Target
# Build & RUN the "SimulatorStatusMagic" in your Emulator

2. via QuickTime Player:

This will only work for your device.

  • Connect your own device to your Mac.
  • Open "QuickTime Player" (Install if required)
  • File → New Movie Recording
  • Click the dropdown next to the Red Record button
  • Select your iPhone e.g: "Anil's iPhone"
  • Record and bring your screen up, then Stop the recording.
  • Now you can "Play" your recording, find the screen you want, pause it,
    Edit Menu → Copy (will copy the screen grab).

Both should result in something like this (Time 9:41 AM - Full Battery and Wifi):

How to take a 9 41 AM iPhone Screenshot

  • Do I need to build this before every time I want to build an app of mine for screenshots? (after quitting Xcode) – Daniel Springer Dec 31 '18 at 22:18

Fix it in post production with Photoshop or Pixelmator or Acorn and your video editor of choice as you are in good company to want to pay attention to these details to build trust and reputation for attention to detail.

One screen shot at the right time with light and dark backgrounds let you adjust the battery level, bars, time and more to suit your needs.

There are even plug in to the simulator that will programmatically clean up the status bar for more than just time if you are running your code that way and not on a device:


Starting with Xcode 11 beta 4, you can use the xcrun simctl command to set the time and battery in the Simulator.

xcrun simctl status_bar <device> override --time "9:41" --batteryState charged --batteryLevel 100

See https://developer.apple.com/documentation/xcode_release_notes/xcode_11_beta_4_release_notes for more details.

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