I want to speak on Skype on my Wi-Fi-only iPad Air iOS 7 from my residence. However, the people tending the residence don't want to install Wi-Fi. There are only ethernet cables. Here's what I've considered:

  1. Getting ethernet directly on my iPad (as explained here)

    This is not practical, because ethernet cables are in public rooms at my residence. If I spoke on Skype there, I would disturb everyone else in the room.

  2. Sharing my phone's data plan to my iPad

    This would probably get expensive way too fast.

I have a Sony Vaio laptop, but the fan makes a lot of noise, and Skype conversations are impossible.

Currently, whenever I want to speak on Skype, I have to go to a group study room at the university's library. This means that I have to cope with the library's tight opening hours and a very small room that renders poor audio to whomever I speak with.

How can I get some internet on my iPad Air in a private room of my residence with no Wi-Fi or ethernet connection?


Just buy a cheap router, connect it to one of the ethernet cables in your room, and enable wi-fi.

  • Or use internet sharing on the laptop you have – Haroen Viaene Jan 20 '15 at 8:58

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