There's an application for windows only I was wondering if it was possible to run it on my MacBook 2008 on Yosemite. I have tried using VMWare fusion but it is too slow. Are there any faster alternatives? I also don't have any windows computer. Please help

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You could use BootCamp, but that would require you to buy Windows. The next best thing I can think of trying is Wine, which can run (some) Windows programs on a Mac. To check if your program has been tested to work under Wine, check the WineHQ app database. The database may not include a test of your program, so try running your program using WineBottler (free) or WineSkin (free) which can repackage your Windows exe to a Mac app. Another you can try is Crossover for Mac (Paid, offers Trial) that runs off of the same Wine backend. Hopefully one of those will work for you!

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