I am hoping to buy a couple of foot pedals that I could use as Ctrl and Shift for my MacBook Pro. Is this at all possible with an OS X machine? I have read that Kinesis foot pedals (e.g. this one) cannot be used as modifiers in combination with other keyboards. Is this correct? If so, why?


I created my own "keyboard combiner". It lets me use the Kinesis Savant Elite Triple Foot Pedals for shift, alt, and command modifiers on a Mac.


It is quite easy to assemble, but I cannot guarantee that it will work for you. It certainly does not work with some pedals and some keyboards. For the Kinesis pedals, you will initially need to configure them to act as shift, alt, and command keys, and that means using a PC to do the initial configuration.

  • I think (newer versions of?) the Kinesis pedal configuration allow you to specify the basic bindings without a PC. – Sridhar Sarnobat Nov 28 '18 at 19:17
  • NOTE: you need an Adruino / Raspberry Pi for this. Having had a negative experience with Raspberry Pi I'm not so motivated by this. Though I applaud the endeavour. – Sridhar Sarnobat Dec 14 '18 at 5:28

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