My audio intake from iPhone outweighs that of my Macbook by a double-digit ratio.

Sometimes I encounter an audio track on-the-go that I would like to delete, remove from the playlist, or at least remove the track from the rotation. In iTunes, I would delete the file from the library or uncheck the box next to the track's name.

How can I remove a track from rotation on my iPhone?

iOS 7.1.2, iPhone 5s. jb solutions welcome


In the Songs list or Playlist, just swipe it to the left, like you would an unwanted email, text etc

I haven't tested whether this 'reports back' to iTunes & unchecks it there - I'm running a sync now to see & will edit...

Edit: it doesn't delete or uncheck the track from 'My Music', the definitive iTunes list; but it does remove it from an iTunes Playlist after sync.

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