Whenever I login to my machine some green text appears in the top left saying "Profile". It has done this since OSX Mavericks too.

Here's a screenshot: enter image description here

  • Very weird -- I've never seen this before. This was the only thing I could find about it with Google: forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1511640 – D Schlachter Oct 30 '14 at 12:20
  • Yeah, I saw this. I can't figure out why... I'll create a new blank user and see if it happens there. Maybe, it's something I've installed. – evolutionxbox Oct 30 '14 at 13:54
  • I created a new user, and it doesn't appear. Meaning it's been run by a program I've installed. However, I have removed everything from my startup list... – evolutionxbox Oct 30 '14 at 23:42
  • Also check for anything strange in ~/Library/LaunchAgents, or failing all else, take a look at all your processes with ps -U `whoami` – D Schlachter Oct 31 '14 at 19:20
  • you've got mouse or sth from razer, right? :) – user112957 Feb 8 '15 at 22:18

This happens because of Razr's mouse and keyboard software that allows you to designate profiles for key bindings. The profile that is being used is displayed in green text in the corner of the screen on when logging in.


Definitely Razer's Synapse software telling you which profile is currently active, as it starts on login, it pop's up on login. It also shows up on profile changes e.g. when you have profiles for different applications, it pops up every time you change to those applications.
Very annoying behaviour and I'd love to find a way to disable that crap (maybe an empty name works, otherwise there's always Controller Mate)

  • It definitely was Razer's software. Thanks to their build quality I now don't own any Razer mice. – evolutionxbox Mar 18 '16 at 16:41

That looks like it may be coming from your monitor and not Mac OS. It's possible that when you login a change in the display settings is triggering your monitor to change "profiles".

I would look through your monitor settings using the buttons on the monitor itself.

  • I would never have thought of this. To resolve my issue, I actually re-installed OSX (which worked). I'd would've loved to have known if this was the cause. – evolutionxbox Jan 16 '15 at 10:07
  • 2
    I don't believe the monitor's OSD will appear in screenshots as is attached in the OP. Screenshots are typically converted from the framebuffer, which is from the computer, before anything can be overlaid onto the current frame. – Terry Apr 7 '15 at 1:34

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