I just upgraded my MacBook to Yosemite, and the new sound effect for the volume button is just awful. Is there a way to change out the sound file so I can hear the old version on Yosemite?


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It can be done, although you need to find the Mavericks volume feedback sound file. The filename is "volume.aiff" and (for both Mavericks and Yosemite) it is located in: /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/Contents/Resources

Find the Mavericks volume feedback sound file and put it on your Desktop for easy access.

Open the Terminal and navigate to the folder containing the sound file:

cd /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/Contents/Resources

Create a backup of the original file in case you want to reverse the changes:

sudo cp volume.aiff volume.aiff.bak

Provide the password when prompted.

Now copy in the Mavericks sound file placed on your Desktop:

sudo cp ~/Desktop/volume.aiff ./


  • Tried this on El Capitan (with sudo) and still got: cp: volume.aiff.bak: Operation not permitted Apr 20, 2016 at 14:49

This works perfectly AFTER you boot into recovery (by holding CMD+R at boot up).

From there open Terminal (under the Utilities menu) and enter csrutil disable (to disable System Integrity Protection).

Once you do that there are no issues though I would recommend you repeat the above process when done and enter csrutil enable into Terminal to enable System Integrity Protection.

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