I have updated my mac os x to 10.10 and got a lot of problems with program compilations. It looks like that default /bin/sh are not reading .profile anymore. So, all scripts, which are dependent from environment variables don't works. Even make cannot perform compilations because it cannot find compiler executables in non-default paths. Some (but not all!) macports ports are broken now, I think because of this problem. Does anybody know, how to fix this?

Thanks in advance, Pavel.

  • Do you mean /bin/sh or the shell that is used in Terminal which is probably /bin/bash ? – mmmmmm Nov 2 '14 at 16:15

Check to see if something loaded a '.bash_profile', which would be read in preference to .profile. If so, you can probably move it out of the way:

mv .bash_profile .saved_bash_profile
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  • I have runed /bin/sh via dtruss to see, which files are accessed during startup, only history and inputrc are readed, .bash_profile is also ignored in yosemite – Pavel Oct 28 '14 at 18:00

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