When you hold down the option key before clicking on the wi-fi menu, you get all sorts of detailed stuff about your current connection.

Is there any way of making this the default behaviour? A terminal command perhaps?


This is quite a workaround to go through and unfortunately involves paying for a software (unless you're aware of free alternatives) but thought I'd throw it out there while looking for more details:

Using a program like Keyboard Maestro, you can record a Macro that will be the result of a string/hotkey.

I recorded as follows:

  1. Hit record
  2. Pressed and held option key.
  3. Clicked on Wifi menubar
  4. Stopped recording.

I then set up the trigger to be a hotkey (like CMD+,) or a string like wifio. Both worked. Detailed Wifi menu was opened and waited for my choice.


Another workaround for trackpad users is using BetterTouchTool (fortunately free):

To configure a gesture:

  • Choose "Trackpads" (highlighted in orange in the screenshot below)
  • Choose a touchpad gesture (highlighted in red)
  • Choose predefined action -> Mouse Click Actions -> Option+Click (highlighted in green)

In my example below I have chosen a single finger tap at the top right of the trackpad to initiate an option-click.

This only works if BetterTouchTools runs. You may enable "Launch BetterTouchTools at start up" in simpe mode in the basic settings or in advanced mode in the settings.


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