I had a cron job that ran every morning at 10:30 to call into our daily status meeting on Go2Meeting. After I upgraded to Yosemite it stopped working, and I figured out that it was because

open -g citrixonline://blahblahblah

now sees the URL as a file name, and not a URL with a custom scheme. Can I get open to treat this like a URL again?

  • For now the workaround is to open the web page that redirects to the custom URL. Probably Go2Meeting would prefer that I do that anyway. Still, it would be nice to open custom URLS from open.
    – sv_lane
    Commented Oct 23, 2014 at 15:34

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I don't know if opening the URL scheme via Safari would help?

open -g /Applications/Safari.app citrixonline://blahblah; killall Safari

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