I have a question about multiple desktops. This function is super helpful since I only have a 13 inch macbook pro and my screen economy is vastly improved with multiple desktops since I am using ruby, sublime text, web browsing, and (due to my ADD) VLC and quicktime at the same time.


1) How do I get multiple desktops to start at startup?

2) I have assigned web browsing to desktop 1 and ruby+sublime to desktop 2. How do I get these to open on these desktops permanently? Will 2 desktops be created if I open ruby and sublime after restarting my computer?

3) Is there a quick way to drag open applications between desktops?

4) Say I have VLC open on desktop 4 and I select that it opens on desktop 4. At startup, if I only have 1 desktop open, and I open VLC, will desktops 2 and 3 open? Are desktops reopened after restarting?

5) Any other useful tricks I should know about?


Setup your windows the way you like them. When set right click on the application icon in the dock and go to Options-->Open at Login and This Desktop. This will open that application on that desktop at login. I have found that some applications just don't work properly but most that I've tested work as expected and open to that desktop at login or when opened.

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  • If VLC is on desktop 4 and on startup, if there's only 1 desktop open, will VLC open on desktop 4? Will desktop 2 and 3 just auto open if I open VLC? – Jwan622 Oct 22 '14 at 0:14
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    In my experience, I can't speak for all apps, but it will open all four desktops and the app will be placed on the next available empty desktop. So if you set VLC for Desktop 4 it will open 4 desktops but place VLC on Desktop 2. – tron_jones Oct 22 '14 at 0:23

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