I currently have 3 Apple devices tied to my iCloud account:

  • Macbook Air (2012) - just upgraded to Yosemite today
  • iPad with Retina Display (4th edition) - iOS 8.0.2
  • iPod Touch (4th Gen) - iOS 6.1.6

When I was asked in the Yosemite upgrade whether I would use iCloud Drive, the instructions warned that my iPod cannot be upgraded to a newer OS, and therefore would not be able to use iCloud Drive.

What does that mean? I currently use my iPod for little other than music, podcasts, and games.

Specifically, my question is, if I change to iCloud Drive, will my apps and games on my iPod no longer be able to save what files they save using legacy iCloud?


It appears that if you upgrade to iCloud Drive, you won't be able to sync any game data with your iOS 8 devices. As an upgrade to iCloud Drive will no longer allow your older iOS 6 iPod to view or edit Documents in iCloud (which I assume includes game data). Source: this MacRumors forum

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