Currently I'm running Windows 8 in Boot Camp (MacBook Pro Retina Mid-2012) and get a free update to Windows 8.1 Pro from Windows Store. My question is...

  • Should I change the startup disk to Windows in Boot Camp Control Panel before upgrading to 8.1?

  • Can I just download and install it from the store and then just reinstall the Boot Camp Drivers to the newest (5.1.5621).

Thank you. :)

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I would set Windows to be the default boot until the update is finished, to prevent it being interrupted by unexpectedly booting to Mac.
I don't think it would hurt anything if it did, as the Windows install would simply wait until next time it was booted.

I would definitely update Bootcamp before Windows, in case there is something about the existing drivers that may prevent you booting/finishing/accessing the Windows install if you did it the other way round.

I would, of course, also have a backup of everything before I started.

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