I've tried Yosemite on my MacBook Air (testing machine). I think it is ugly, bland, and the most un-Apple-ish OS that Apple has ever released. One of the most irritating design aspects is the RED/AMBER/GREEN window buttons (Close/minimise etc) which look to me like they were designed by a child.

Are there any tricks or methods for replacing the Yosemite rendition of these Mac OS X buttons with the usual ones we are all familiar with?


There are some applications that allow you to change the theme in OS X.

However they might need a little time to be updated for the new UI in Yosemite.

For example Flavours which is being updated but isn't quite ready yet.


I made a quick theme to change the 'traffic lights' to how they were before. Here are the installment instructions:

  • WARNING: I made this on MacOS Sierra 10.12.1, so using it in other versions might cause severe issues. I'm also not responsible for any bad side effects.

    1. Download this file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ortjz8deky9977r/SystemAppearance.car
    2. In Finder, go to /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemAppearence.bundle/contents/Resources
    3. Keep a copy of SystemAppearance.car from there for any emergencies
    4. Replace the original SystemAppearance.car with the one you just downloaded
    5. Restart your Mac
    6. Enjoy!

There's only one theme that I know of for Yosemite that changes the traffic lights:


Be careful when replacing system files like these, always backup your system and keep copies of the original files somewhere safe!

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