Can the iPad 3G only use 3G and Wifi, or can it use Edge or 2G (the little blue dot on iphone)?


"3G + WiFi" is just a commercial tag line.

the 3G part stands for internet access throughout a mobile connection, usually using a SIM Card.

The full range of connections on a "3G" model can be found in the Technical Specifications of the product, in this case:

alt text


The iPad uses the same mobile chip set as the iPhone and cam (depending on your data provider) use Edge (denoted by an E) or GPRS (seen as a circle).

O2 in the UK definitely does.

  • I can vouch that it works over EDGE. My in-laws live in the Texas Panhandle and I only get EDGE reception there. – Chris R. Donnelly Jul 3 '11 at 21:48

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