I have moved a large folder with many subfolders to my iCloud drive. If I dig around I can catch a status bar next to a file name (same as during a download), but it seems to be taking a lot longer to upload than I would think. Besides catching an upload in progress I don't see a way to tell what has been uploaded or is waiting. Is there anything I am missing?

Dropbox had a nifty menu bar icon that would display progress and pending files.



You can watch individual files in Finder, but there's no GUI for the progress of iCloud changes.

El Capitan

In El Capitan and later a progress bar can be accessed by clicking on the wheel in the Finder sidebar.

https://georgegarside.com/blog/macos/all-the-little-things-osx-el-capitan-hidden-features/#icloud-drive-upload-progress-indicator (my blog)

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