I have a MBA mid 2013. I was wondering if a MBA is plugged in charge, does it bypass battery after it's fully charged?

Because while I am working it's always plugged, I wonder how this will affect the actual battery life.

When I was using my laptop, I used to unplug its battery when I was working with AC power in office to preserve its life cycle.

Is there a way to "bypass battery and make MBA mid 2013 to only use AC power from wall"? Or does it do it automatically?

There's this similar question, but it's rather old. Also I'm not sure if anything changed both on hardware and software side since 2010.

Thanks in advance,

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I am not sure how we can know this for sure, but I believe that after fully-charged, it is indeed "bypassed".

Of course after if drops power it could be charging it back up a little bit, but I have never seen that happen. At least not if judging from the LED indicator on the cable, which remains green at all times

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