I'm running OS X 10.9.5. Recently, I used Handbrake 0.9.9 x86_64 (2013051800) to convert some WMVs to MP4s. There are roughly 150 videos, and I have attempted to tag them all. When in their respective folders, they look fairly normal, as this example demonstrates:

normal file

However, when I click on 'Blue' in the Finder sidebar, I see this for each video:

abnormal file

I am not having the same problem with any other files tagged with the same tag, and that includes seventeen other videos which I converted from AVIs to MP4s using the same Handbrake preset (there may have been a difference in the settings for picture size, but I don't think there was). This may mean it's completely unconnected to Handbrake, but it seems unlikely.

I tried running ls -l on the directory containing the affected videos and the directory containing the seventeen unaffected videos and they're all -rw-r--r--@. Both sets of files have the extended attribute com.apple.metadata:_kMDIItemUserTags.

Can anyone shed any light on what might be happening here?


After reindexing my drive with sudo mdutil -E /path/to/volume the files showed in the tag list correctly, so it was clearly an issue with the Spotlight index; hopefully this helps someone else in the future.

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