The iPad Retina requires 12W to charge.

It appears the Mac has special non-usb-standard drivers that step up the USB 3.0 port to provide the extra power for charging.

My question is: Does a driver exist to step up a PC USB 3.0 port to charge an iPad at 12W?



The iPad charger DOES NOT use a standard USB port, but uses the USB connector to provide a "dedicated charging port". The standard based DCP can supply a maximum of 1.5A. In fact the Apple charger is a non standard device and can supply up to 2A, which it indicates to the device by specific voltages on the data pins.

A USB port supporting data is limited to 900mA.

  • " A USB port supporting data is limited to 900mA. " @Milliways This is not true. USB 2.0 and USB 3.x allow for 1.5 amps of power while also supporting data transfer. By utilizing USB-PD a USB-A port can provide 5 volts of power up to 2.4 amps while supporting data transfer, which was part of the USB spec since 2012.
    – MacGuffin
    Feb 14 '21 at 6:47

Your motherboard may have a firmware update to enable it, or add-in driver on the install CD/DVD

Ref - iPad displays “Not Charging” when plugged into USB ports. What can I do?

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