I changed the name of my home folder in 2 ways. First I change it using the instructions from the official Apple website:

sudo mv /Users/old_name /Users/new_name

and then I also changed it going to System Preferences > Users & Groups > Advanced Options.

My problem is that the prompt on the terminal is still showing me the last name I had

name-mbp:~ old-home-folder-name$


Is it possible to make changes have effect also on the terminal?


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What the terminal prompt is showing you is not the home folder name, but the user name.

The folder is displayed after the machine name, in the ~ highlighted below:

name-mbp:~ old-home-folder-name$
Folder   ^ ^ User name

You can type the command pwd ("print working directory") to see which folder it is currently in. Or you can type the command echo $HOME to show you what Terminal thinks your home directory is.

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