I am trying to use TimesNewRoman.ttf as the font for *.eps files generated by Gnuplot. I am running OS X 10.9.5 on a 2010 Macbook Pro. Here is my gnuplot script.

set terminal postscript eps enhanced size 5,5 font 'TimesNewRoman.ttf,20' 
set output "./test.eps"
plot sin(x)

When I open this file with Preview, I get the error:

PostScript Conversion Warning

Converting the PostScript file “test.eps” produced the following warnings: · TimesNewRoman.ttf not found, using Courier.

TimesNewRoman.ttf is an exact copy of Times New Roman.ttf. Gnuplot has problems trying to find files with spaces in the file name. So I copied the /Library/Fonts/Times New Roman.ttf to /Library/Fonts/TimesNewRoman.ttf and ~/Library/Fonts/TimesNewRoman.ttf. I believe this trick worked when I was using OS X 10.6.8, but it appears not to work in Mavericks.

How can I fix this?


Preview's postscript conversion doesn't use Times New Roman, but you (probably) can use Times Roman. I'm not familiar with Gnuplot, so I'm not sure how to set fonts, but the name is "Times-Roman"

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